The Aces Hit the Fillmore and Darlingside Return to the Great American Music Hall

Buzzy pop-rock group The Acesmake their San Francisco debut on one of its most coveted stages while down the road, indie folk mavens Darlingsidego back to the venue that informed their latest LP.

Titus Andronicus Channels Classic Springsteen and Dylan on 'A Productive Cough'

Titus Andronicus 's #AProductiveCough is remarkably authentic and engrossing, and there's no questioning the level of dedication and skill behind its many bursts of dense boisterousness. Out today via Merge Records .

Meshell Ndegeocello's 'Ventriloquism' Shows She Can Play Any Song and Stay True to Herself

On #Ventriloquism, Meshell Ndegeocello covers classics and stays true to her superb artistic sensibilities. #PMPick

The Jazz Butcher's 'The Violent Years' Covers One of the Best Periods in British Pop

The career retrospective of the veritable Pat Fish, aka the Jazz Butcher , continues with four (more) albums of crazy/beautiful #indiepop. Not your typical Creation Records fare. Out today via @fire record

'Tomb Raider' Should Have Stayed Entombed

REVIEW of Tomb Raider : Roar Uthaug's insistence upon combining faux gravitas with action results in countless scenes of unintentional hilarity.

Teenagers and Zombies Are a Good Mix in 'New Mutants Dead Souls #1'

NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS reminds us why teenagers and paranormal monsters are a potent combination.

Lois Weber's Legacy Rises in These Troubled Times, As It Should

Lois Weber 's legacy rises in these troubled times, as it should. Milestone Films releases restored The Dumb Girl of Portici and Shoes.

Haley Heynderickx's 'I Need to Start a Garden' Addresses This Sad World with Absurdity

Haley Heynderickx has a wonderful singing voice. Even so, the most powerful moment on Heynderickx' debut record is where she breaks it.

King Witch Head in a Progressive Metal Direction with 'Under the Mountain'

King Witch arrive at something like genuine progressive doom metal - atmospheric, heaving, dynamic doom riffs powered by strikingly sonorous vocals. Out Friday via Listenable records

Mount Eerie follows the remarkable A Crow Looked at Me with a similarly styled album that will be of interest to Mount Eerie devotees but feels more downbeat and less necessary than its predecessor.

Ministry, L7, Sex, and Violence

We need to talk about Ministry's anti-war statement #Wargasm, because it encapsulates so much that's so wrong about testosterone-driven masculinist #activism.

Chicago Jazz Fusion Purveyors Marbin Preview New Album With "Swamp House" (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Chicago #jazz fusion purveyors Marbin preview new album #IsraeliJazz with "Swamp House".

'Visionary Women' Is a Tale of Activism Sparked by Everyday Observations

VISIONARY WOMEN, a biography of Rachel Carson , Jane Jacobs , Dr. Jane Goodall , and Alice Waters , demonstrates the fluidity between private and public spaces and how they were able to traverse that line. Out now via Ecco Books

20 Questions: Alice Ivy

20 Questions with Alice Ivy: Ivy cites the Avalanches as an influence but carves out a sample-based beatscape all her own, making for a compelling listen from one of the year's breakout stars.

Edgar Allan Poe's 10 Best Stories

What are Edgar Allan Poe's 10 best stories?

Ahead of European Tour, SOHN Drops Two Brilliant New Songs

Electropop artist SOHN shares two new stunning songs ahead of his upcoming European tour

The Excellent 'King of Spies' Is a Timely Tale of US-Korea Relations, Personal and Political

If you conjure up an image of your ideal-looking spy, few of the traits are likely to fit the man you meet in Blaine Harden 's intriguing and carefully researched book, #KingOfSpies. Out now via Viking Books .

The Decemberists Sever Their Stellar Streak with 'I'll Be Your Girl'

The Decemberists ' #IllBeYourGirl would stand as a fine but forgettable work on its own, yet when compared to the pedigree of its predecessors, it's quite disappointing.

With 'Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt' Moby Captures a Mood Utterly Appropriate for 2018

Moby creates a despondent calm in advance of the determined storm on #EverythingWasBeautiful. It is the best thing Moby has done in a long time. #PMPick Out now on Mute Records .

Flashes of Insight: Seven Decades with Michel Piccoli's Films

What makes Michel Piccoli's characters so timelessly compelling?

Rock Solid Woman: 20 Essential Nona Hendryx Performances

20 Essential Nona hendryx Performances. PopMatters celebrates Joe's Pub at The Public's very first Vanguard Resident with 20 of her most unforgettable performances.

In 'The Hunter Maiden' Morals Are Learned and Lessons Realized

The female positive stories in THE HUNTER MAIDEN demonstrate a sweeping range of complex characters whose dynamic standpoints spark the imaginations of any reader.

Ella, Sinatra, and Hamell on Trial: The Great American Songbook in Difficult Times

Hamell On Trial draws upon the musical power of Ella Fitzgerald and the sexual prowess of Frank Sinatra to become one of the finest musical interpreters of America itself.

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters Rock the Timeline in Oakland

When the lights go down at the Fox Theater - Oakland , a charge of electricity surges through the air from the collective excitement that comes with witnessing a genuine living legend like Robert Plant
deliver music that truly transcends time and space.


95 and 6 to Go , a documentary about a Japanese Immigrant in America during and after WWII dances with history, memory, and friendship.

The Fratellis' 'In Your Own Sweet Time' Is a Lively, Fun Record That Thrills

The Fratellis ' new album is light, fun, and fast, incorporating new styles and musical cues that share revelry and spontaneity regardless of the scenario or feeling. Out Friday.

'Agnès Varda between Film, Photography and Art'

When we objectify Agnès Varda Officiel as a "harmless granny" in pop culture, we lose perspective of her important work. Rachel D. DeRoo's book works toward rectifying this.

Vision Quest: Poet and MC Azeem On His Latest Work, 'Vision Teller'

INTERVIEW: Azeem returns to his roots of poetry to deliver #VisionTeller, a collection of spoken word pieces that hum with the silk-spun lyricism of a speakeasy street poet. Interview

The Suburbs - "When We Were Young" (premiere) (interview)

#PREMIERE: Minneapolis mainstays The Suburbs provide live video for a track from 2017's Hey Muse! Plus an interview with vocalist Chan Poling. #newwave #punkrock

Renata Zeiguer's Surreal, Relatable 'Old Ghost'

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Renata Zeiguer 's debut album displays an honesty and attention to detail that suggests a wisdom beyond her years. Out now via Northern Spy .

Bridging the Ontological Gap: The Appeal to Emotion in the BBC's 'Blue Planet II'

To get people to care about the planet they must feel a connection to it. In this, the BBC Blue Planet series succeeds.

13 Greatest Horror Directors of All Time

13 Greatest Horror Directors of All Time. Who would you add to the list?

'Everything Here Is Beautiful' Conveys Strong Images of Mental Illness

How do we treat female mental illness in literature? Mira T. Lee 's debut novel EVERYTHING HERE IS BEAUTIFUL grapples with this and other challenging topics.

Yo La Tengo's 'There's a Riot Going On' Returns to the Resting Heart Rate of 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out'

More than most any other Yo La Tengo album, There's a Riot Going On has a palpable atmosphere and unflappable mood all of its own. Out Friday via Matador Records.

Modern Music Icons Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet Collaborate with Heart-stopping Beauty

LANDFALL is an album heavy with gloom and grief, as go these times. But it's beautiful and a superb first collaboration between Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet. #PMPick Out now on Nonesuch Records.

'Chocolate Cities' Draws New Maps of Black American Life

A classic Parliament track inspires a new look at how black Americans moved, made connections, and created a nation-within-a-nation.

More Than Just LOLCats and Finger-Chomping Babies, Memes Are a Window Into Contemporary Culture

Though not always humorous, #memes demonstrate the power of whimsical humor to undermine the legitimacy of the most laboriously manufactured control structures. #FromTheArchive

Dark and Deep Flows the River: An Interview with Wadada Leo Smith

#Interview with Wadada Leo Smith. Smith's sprawling, ambitious musical tribute to the National Parks is a living, breathing work that flows and changes by the performers involved. #jazz #avantgarde

Elk City Finds Wisdom in Innocence With 'Everybody's Insecure' (album stream + interview)

#PREMIERE: Elk City returns with a new collection of imaginative, emotional songs titled #EverybodysInsecure on 16 March. Elk City takes us through the record in this exclusive interview and album premiere.

'Pink Slipped', a Study of Women in Silent Film, Questions the Source

What happened to women in the silent film industries?

Schrauwen Holds a Mirror up to the Comics Form with 'Mowgli's Mirror'

Belgian artist Olivier Schrauwen is a playful master of the #comics form, in which image and story world are inventively imperfect mirrors.

Why Arthur Miller and Saul Bellow's Doomed American Heroes Are Timeless

Why Arthur Miller and Saul Bellow 's Doomed American Heroes Are Timeless

The Turbans' "Riders" Is a Breathtaking Slice of Their Kaleidoscopic Repertoire (premiere)

#PREMIERE: The Turbans ' new single "Riders" is a breathtaking slice of the band's kaleidoscopic repertoire, layering global sounds over colorful street shots of Goa, India. ​Debut album coming 6 April via Six Degrees Records . #worldmusic

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Bests Their Debut with 'Tearing at the Seams'

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats have taken their authentic late '60s soul aesthetic and refined it with tight songwriting and instrumental performances on #TearingAtTheSeams. Out today on Stax Records . #PMPick

Britpop Popped: An Interview with Ex-Mansun Frontman Paul Draper

INTERVIEW: Paul Draper discusses a variety of topics from his early years in Liverpool to the acrimonious split of Mansun Official to his visit to the unofficial capital of all things extraterrestrial. #Britpop

Therese Bohman's Works Are Grounded Deep in the Souls of the Women She Portrays

Eventide is a compelling psychological portrait of a successful academic woman starting her personal life anew in her 40s.

From Lois Weber to Louise Brooks: Eight Silent Film Sensations

From Lois Weber to Louise Brooks: Eight Silent Film Sensations. What are your favorite silent films?

Gloriously Destructive Deconstruction in 'Batman: White Knight #6'

A sane Joker's deconstruction of #Batman enters uncharted territory in DC Comics 's Batman: White Knight #6, but the endgame still has plenty to prove.

Music Action Collective Release "Overlooked" on International Women's Day (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Music Action Collective's "Overlooked" highlights women's voices against harassment, misrepresentation, and gender-based violence.​ Released today in celebration of #InternationalWomensDay.

Distort Me Deadly: The Top 10 Female Punk Bands

These are the top 10 female #punk bands ever. Who else would you nominate?