Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 5 - Bright Eyes to Childish Gambino

100 Great Protest Songs: Part 5 - Bright Eyes to Childish Gambino

Kamasi Washington Continues His Sprawling Musical Attack with 'Heaven and Earth'

Acclaimed saxophonist Kamasi Washington drops another ambitious, multi-disc album that swings, grooves, and inspires. #HeavenAndEarth is out today via Young Turks. #PMPick

Are Vein Hardcore's Next Big Thing?

Are Vein #hardcore's next big thing? Vein's feverish spirit on #errorzone is, without question, their unique selling point. Out today via Closed Casket Activities.

Jazz's William Parker Creates an Album of a Lifetime... Again with 'Voices Fall from the Sky'

Jazz's William Parker creates an album of a lifetime... again with 'Voices Fall from the Sky'. Out now via AUM Fidelity.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Are YOU One of Jay's Kids? The Complete Bizarre Sessions 1990-1994

Out of print for years, Screamin' Jay Hawkins early 1990s recordings for the Bizarre label are collected in their entirety, a fact that will appeal to only his most ardent fans.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Is the Best of the Franchise, at Least

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Is the best of the franchise, reviving this flailing series with guilty pleasures and a genuine sense of dread.

How Liz Phair Challenged the Rock Patriarchy With 'Exile in Guyville'

How Liz Phair challenged the rock patriarchy with 'Exile in Guyville'

Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 4 - Dead Kennedys to Steve Earle

100 Great Protest Songs: Part 4 - Dead Kennedys to Steve Earle. Part 5 coming tomorrow.

Ramones R.E.M. Steve Earle The Cranberries Rage Against The Machine Public Enemy Sonic Youth Elvis Costello Super Furry Animals, SFA Ani DiFranco Suzanne Vega 2PAC Bruce Springsteen Dead Kennedys

'Nothing Is Still' Is Leon Vynehall's Undoubted Electronic Masterpiece

On #NothingIsStill, Leon Vynehall has woven a rich tapestry of complimentary sounds that serves a purpose far bigger than the music itself. Out now via Ninja Tune. #PMPick

Lily Allen Takes a Reflective Turn on 'No Shame'

On #NoShame, the 33-year-old Lily Allen accomplishes that personal revelation and introspection many artists don't accomplish until their mid-to-late 40s.

Lucrecia Dalt Explores the Boundaries of Bodies Through Ambient Experiments on 'Anticlines'

To experience Lucrecia Dalt's #Anticlines is to immerse oneself into the musical equivalent of a sensory deprivation tank. Out now via Rvng Intl.. #PMPick

The Love-Birds Have Made a Worthy Addition to the Power Pop Panteon with 'In the Lover's Corner'

San Francisco quartet the Love-Birds's assured debut album has a scuffed sheen of power pop legacy. Out now via Trouble In Mind Records.

Bernice's 'Puff LP' Finds Form in the Amorphous

​Tethered to no style or genre, Bernice's Puff LP exists as its own tiny universe of sound, unassuming and intriguing, a treasure waiting to be uncovered. out now via Arts & Crafts.

Weaponizing Culture

If culture is a weapon of power, then power can be gained in the production of alternative culture. Melville House Publishing

Truth or Fiction? 'Flash: The Making of Weegee the Famous'

In these times of so-called "fake news", this biography of Weegee begs the question: If the truth of human nature is best demonstrated in a prearranged circumstance, does that make it any less true?

Rock Duo Royal Blood Lay Heavy Riffs on Brooklyn

Royal Blood's two sold-out NYC shows were still a blast in spite of their bassist's injured foot.

Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 3 - Peter Tosh to the Pogues

100 Great Protest Songs: Part 3 - Peter Tosh to the Pogues. Stay tuned all week as we unveil the top 100.
Tom Robinson Music Joan Armatrading Nick Lowe Peter Tosh Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited Fela Kuti The Clash Stiff Little Fingers Devo Peter Gabriel The Specials (Official) English Beat Elvis Costello

How Tami Neilson Left Canada for Love and Became a Singing Sensation in New Zealand, Then the World

Tami Neilson's SASSAFRASS! is an unexpected delight that speaks to the climate of feminism in 2018. The extraordinary singer tells us about her experiences in this new interview. Outside Music Americana Festival

Kids See Ghosts: Kids See Ghosts

Ye Season continues with what will be remembered as the most uplifting, cohesive, spiritual, and sonically excellent episode of Kanye West's serialized works.

Sami Baha Displays How Deep the Roots of Hip-Hop Run

The debut album from producer Sami Baha reveals an undeniable grasp of #hiphop fundamentals and trap aesthetics while propelling these concepts forward. Out now via Planet Mu (OFFICIAL). #PMPick

Brent Cowles Teaches Us 'How to Be Alone'

#Americana's Brent Cowles speaks to the power of endurance and embracing the spiritual in the ordinary on new album #HowToBeAlone. Out now via Dine Alone Records. #PMPick

'African Scream Contest 2' Is a Solidly Fun Collection of Beninois Funk

ANALOG AFRICA brings a new crop of old Beninois funk to light in another installment of the African Scream Contest series.

The Andy Sheppard Quartet Creates Jazzy Beauty on 'Romaria'

The airy atmospherics of the Andy Sheppard Quartet move beautifully, slowly, and quite often in the same manner from performance to performance. Out now via ECM Records.

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Dark Dreams of a Bright South: 'El Sur', a Spanish Masterpiece

With Víctor Erice's EL SUR, we must console ourselves with a work whose haunting near-perfection becomes the source of its perfection.

Time Out of Minds: Interview with Author Ryan Walsh on Van Morrison's 'Astral Weeks'

Ryan Walsh (Hallelujah The Hills) chronicles the making of Van Morrison (Official)'s Astral Weeks and the chaotic Boston scene that gave birth to it and tells us all about it in this expansive interview. Penguin Group (USA)

Willie Nile Returns With Powerful New Single, "Children of Paradise" (premiere)

#PREMIERE: The title cut from Willie Nile's upcoming LP Children of Paradise is a powerful portrait of the timely and timeless.

Cannons Go "Round and Round" with New Single (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Los Angeles-based indie poppers Cannons release their next scorcher with the ensnaring "Round and Round".

River Whyless Address the Cultural Zeitgeist on Their Latest Release

On #KindnessARebel, #Americana outfit River Whyless address important issues by simply acknowledging their overwhelming presence in daily life, circa 2018. Out now via Roll Call Records.

Gang Gang Dance Attone for a Seven-Year Long Hiatus with 'Kazuashita'

Returning with an introspective take on their ecstatic psychedelic, worldbeat induced vision for experimental music, Gang Gang Dance reveal that there are levels to this band on #Kazuashita. Out Friday via 4AD. #PMPick

Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 2 - Steve Reich to the Sex Pistols

Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 2 - Steve Reich to the Sex Pistols

Alex March's Dubious 'Mastermind'

What amazes me about Charlie Chan-spoof Mastermind isn't that such a thing exists but that such a thing exists without my having heard of it. Out now via Kino Lorber.

Xavier Rudd Offers Up a Positive and Uplifting Perspective on 'Storm Boy'

In a time of political dysfunction, Xavier Rudd - Official's #StormBoy offers a positive and uplifting perspective while critiquing the global systems that render social injustices. Out now via Nettwerk Music Group.

Time to Think: Carlo Rovelli on the Mysteries of Time

Carlo Rovelli's 'The Order of Time' is a little wonder of a book. It provides surprising insights into an increasingly mysterious world. Out now via Riverhead Books.

On Anthony Bourdain's Success at "Pounding Humility into you Permanently"

Anthony Bourdain was loved not for his wit or charming temerity, but for confronting us with our own alienation and cultural isolation. He reminded us that there were connections to be made over the dinner table.

Say It Loud! 100 Great Protest Songs: Part 1 - Beethoven to Janis Ian

100 Great Protest Songs: PopMatters has scoured the musical spectrum for the best examples of the protest song form. Stay tuned all week as we unveil the top 100.

Khemmis Joins the Heavy Metal Elite with 'Desolation'

​Confidence oozes from Khemmis's #Desolation . It's a six-song, 41-minute battle cry of triumph—and that's exactly what you want from doom-brandishing #heavymetal. Out Friday via 20 Buck Spin and Nuclear Blast.

Tangents' 'New Bodies' Is Unlike Any Other Record You'll Hear This Year

Shapeshifting Sydney quintet Tangents burn the genre maps and follow their impeccable improv instincts on #NewBodies. Out now via Temporary Residence Ltd..

The Get Up Kids Return... Again with 'Kicker'

The Get Up Kids are searching for an elusive position, that nostalgic allure of their previous glory on new EP, #Kicker. Out now via Polyvinyl Record Company.

The 10 Best Nirvana Songs Ever

The 10 Best Nirvana Songs Ever

Scott Danbom's Static Diary Gently Rises with "UFO" (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Ex-Centro-matic artist Scott Danbom releases an atmospheric rock tune ahead of his new project Static Diary's self-titled debut album.

'The Storm' Brings Heart, Urgency, and Ambition

Spanning 60-some years, Arif Anwar's debut novel explores aspects of Bangladesh's history and how matters of race, religion, and nationality have shaped personal lives. Out now via Simon & Schuster.

Lake Street Dive Gets Loose, Collaborative With 'Free Yourself Up'

#INTERVIEW: Lake Street Dive wanted to capture the energy of its live shows as well as its unique at its finest. So the quartet went into the studio without a producer and leaned on each other instead. Nonesuch Records

Mikey Wax Celebrates Simplicity With "Big Little Life" (premiere)

#PREMIERE: ​YouTube favorite Mikey Wax comes front-and-center in new video about love's simplicity, "Big Little Life".

Natalie Prass Goes on a Journey to 'The Future and the Past'

Feminist anarchist Emma Goldman reportedly said, "If I can't dance I don't want to be in your revolution." That could serve as the motto for Natalie Prass on her new album. Out now via ATO Records. #PMPick

Benin City's 'Last Night' Is One of the Most Accomplished, Hook-Laden, Diverse Albums of the Year

Benin City Band's #LastNight is not only the perfect soundtrack for one monumental night out, but it's also the soundtrack to the entire formative clubbing years. Out today via Moshi Moshi Records. #PM Pick "One of the Most Accomplished, Hook-Laden, Diverse Albums of the Year"

'Call the Comet' and the Magic Realism of Johnny Marr

Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr releases his third solo album, #CallTheComet, a dystopian collection of futuristic synths and killer riffs. #PMPick

'The Perfect Nanny' Mirrors the Aftermath of Its Murderous Inspiration

As with the media surrounding the Krim children murders, Leila Slimani's book asks, what went wrong? Penguin Books

'The Female Persuasion' Exalts White Privileged Feminism and Fails to Subvert Oppression

Meg Wolitzer is an aware author who clearly understands how matrices of power oppress and subjugate. Yet with #TheFemalePersuasion, her characters only occasionally check their power or privilege.

Culture Abuse Brighten Up on 'Bay Dream'

California band Culture Abuse are no longer so upset at the world on new album #BayDream. Out Friday via
Epitaph Records .