'Top of the Lake': Season Two Showcases a Series That Has Found Its Voice

Top of the Lake is best when it’s messy and volatile and doesn’t seem so self-conscious about how it will be perceived.

Chris Bell: I Am the Cosmos (Deluxe Edition)

With Big Star, Chris Bell helped invent power pop as we know it. I AM THE COSMOS is his brilliant posthumous solo masterpiece, and the definitive edition is out now via Omnivore Recordings.

A World Made of War: On Oriana Fallaci's Fearless Journalism

Cristina de Stefano’s discusses her perceptive insight into the fascinating Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, a book delivered in a riveting and engaging narrative style that’s evocative of Fallaci herself.

Rising Appalachia - 'Alive' (album stream) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: On ALIVE, Rising Appalachia Music create unifying, renewing live music that blends #folk, #soul, and #worldbeat. Hear the full album stream now.

The Flipside #7: Taylor Swift's '1989'

With "Look What You Made Me Do" and other songs soon to be plastered over the airwaves, the Flipside boys look back on Taylor Swift's 1989 and whether it lives up to its reputation.

Norse Code: The Rise of Nordic Literature

Nordisk Books, a small, UK-based press, is behind the push of a Nordic #literature revival. PopMatters talks with Duncan Lewis about taking the genre beyond the usual crime novels.

On Discovering the In-your-face Glory of the Slits' Album, 'Cut'

The iconic cover plus hybrid punky-reggae establishes The Slits' CUT as a significant variation on the British late '70s DIY ethos.

Lost Bayou Ramblers - Allons a Lafayette (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Lost Bayou Ramblers keep #Cajun traditions alive on video "Allons a Lafayette" and new LP Kalenda out 9/29.

The Pottery Barn Principle of 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Fear the Walking Dead's Pottery Barn Principle: Season 3's you break it you buy it survival politics is fascinating. #PMPick

Jean Caffeine - Winter of Hate (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Original wave #punk artist Jean Caffeine Appreciation Society shares a new video about the last Sex Pistols gig ever.

The Horrors: V

The Horrors get their mojo back with songs to match the swagger on new album V, out Friday. #PMPick

Sinistro - Pétalas (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Portugal's SINISTRO returns with haunting new track and equally devastating video. Their new album 'Sangue Cassia' releases 5 January via Season of Mist.

There Is Power in 'Curry'

Naban Ruthnum’s provocative intellectual journey traces the complex roots of #curry and its diasporic colonization of the West.

CURRY: READING, EATING, AND RACE is out now via Coach House Books. #PMPick #foodies

The Clientele: Music for the Age of Miracles

England's favorite pop dreamers The Clientele awake from a seven-year slumber, giving us more of what made us like them so much in the first place.

Music for the Age of Miracles is out Friday via Merge Records.

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Is Comically Bad

Is hyper-kinetic spy comedy Kingsman: The Golden Circle a spoof of James Bond? Or a smug takedown of espionage thrillers?

Mount Kimbie: Love What Survives

Mount Kimbie returns with LOVE WHAT SURVIVES via Warp Records, introducing post-punk elements to its electronic core, and in the process producing its finest record to date. #PMPick

Are You Experiencing Any Difficulties?: An Interview with Graham Reynolds

Celebrating the release of Richard Linklater's landmark sci-fi film A Scanner Darkly, composer Graham Reynolds Music guides us through the soundtrack's casually thrilling creation.

Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' Signaled That Comic Book Films Had Become a Pillar of Blockbuster Cinema

Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man signaled that comic book films had become a pillar of blockbuster cinema.

Derek Hoke - Destination Unknown (audio) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Derek Hoke's "Destination Unknown" is soothing, pastoral #Americana reflecting an adventurous night drive.

'Mr. Robot and Philosophy' Tries to Grasp an Elusive Subject

How do you dive into philosophy with a show that so deeply relies on style? For many of the essays contained within Mr. Robot and Philosophy, the answer is to ape that style.

'Eye Chart' Is About Much More Than Just Identifying Objects Near and Far

The Object Lessons series from Bloomsbury Academic continues with this brief but rich exploration into why we see, when we see, how clearly we see, and what we understand about the things we see.

William Germano’s 'Eye Chart' is out now.

The Western and Melancholy: On Arturo Ripstein's 'Time to Die'

Arturo Ripstein's TIME TO DIE suggests that love and values are the existential gambits of the melancholic attempt to reconcile oneself with the irreconcilable indifference of the world.

Screening now at Film Forum in New York.

Bette Smith - I Found Love (audio) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Brooklyn's Bette Smith is a major new voice in #soul music and "I Found Love" brings the heat. her debit album JETLAGGER releases 9/29 via Big Legal Mess Records.

TIFF 2017: 'The Shape of Water'

Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water comes off as uninformed political correctness, which is more detrimental to its cause than it is progressive.

Gary Numan: Savage (Songs From a Broken World)

In the age of climate science denial, Gary Numan Official offers up a bleak dystopian landscape as a cautionary tale. #PMPick

Paul Weller's Impossible Idea

INTERVIEW: Paul Weller isn't showing any signs of slowing down, his insatiable thirst of the new leading to 'A Kind Revolution'. Weller talks with PopMatters about his new music and career.

'Gotham' Season Three's Unique Take on Batman's Origin Continues to Ramp Up the Crazy

Gotham relies on its fast pace and embrace of the insane to work as the diverse and bizarre show it wants to be, but occasionally the show is too surreal for its own good.

Never Settle, Never Rest on Your Laurels: Activist Catherine Hernandez on Her Book, 'Scarborough'

#INTERVIEW: Theatre practitioner and activist Catherine Hernandez reveals the complexity of representation and responsibility in writing fiction.

Her new book SCARBOROUGH is out now via Arsenal Pulp Press.

Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighters join forces with pop producer Greg Kurstin and the result is the finest album of their career. #PMPick

Boombox = Life

Woofers on blast up the jam block rock: A fragmentary history of ghettoblasting.

'The Violins of Saint-Jacques' Is a Lush Portrait of a Lost World

This only novel from Patrick Leigh Fermor, a master of travel writing, is a culturally astute depiction of a Caribbean island's lavish, last Mardi Gras.

The Trials, Battles, and Victories of a Pussy Rioter

Maria Alyokhina, one of the imprisoned members of PussyRiot, relates her saga of protest, imprisonment, and advocation for human rights in RIOT DAYS.

Walter White, Heisenberg, and Time Out of Mind: The Legacy of 'Breaking Bad'

An examination of how AMCs Breaking Bad played with the conventions of time, character, and attitude.

We Good: An Interview with The JuJu Exchange

#INTERVIEW: Dropping his stage name of Donnie Trumpet, Nico Segal is moving from being one of Chance The Rapper's chief artistic collaborators to exploring the way we communicate through #jazz.

Back to Blue Bayou: An Interview With Linda Ronstadt

In her exclusive interview with PopMatters, Linda Ronstadt revisits SIMPLE DREAMS just in time for RHINO's 40th-anniversary edition of her classic number one album.

Sci-Fi Author Ursula LeGuin's Stories of Class War, Religious Dissension, Identity Politics and More

Ursula K Leguin generates provocative and intelligent considerations of complex forces in her Hainish fictions out now via The Library of America.

The New Jazz of the 21st Century: A Case Study in Kate Gentile and 'Mannequins'

Drummer and composer Kate Gentile's debut recording is making a New Jazz splash. PopMatters interviews her to get behind this new direction in improvised music.

TIFF 2017: mother!

While Darren Aronofsky’s artistry is at an all-time-low, it's his misogyny in MOTHER! which makes this film abhorrent.

Trevor Hall - What I Know (audio) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Trevor Hall's "What I Know" takes us to unexpected emotional heights.

Such an Internal World: Matthew Sweet Discusses Kickstarter and Collaborations

#INTERVIEW: Power pop icon Matthew Sweet talks with PopMatters about his new album TOMORROW FOREVER, as well as Kickstarter and his long career.

Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet: Ladilikan

Trio Da Kali and the Kronos Quartet are musical soulmates on the stunning collaborative album Ladilikan. Out Friday via World Circuit Records. #PMPick

Garbage Biography Captures One of the Best Science Experiments of the Alt-rock Era

This Garbage biography is as much a hodgepodge of styles as the band Garbage itself, among the best cut-and-paste experiments of '90s alt-rock.

Even IMAX Can't Make Marvel's 'Inhumans' Impressive

ABC/Disney’s IMAX debut of its newest series Marvel's Inhumans does nothing but emphasize the series' considerable flaws.

Squalus - 'The Great Fish' (album stream) (premiere) + Interview

#PREMIERE: Former members of Giant Squid, now known as SQUALUS, issue Jaws-inspired debut album THE GREAT FISH. You're gonna need a bigger music player.

'Soul Survivor': On Al Green, Coming to Terms With His Powers

'Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green' is a compelling and exhaustively detailed account of a man at peace with his life.

Expect the Unexpected: A Conversation with Sparks

INTERVIEW: For nearly half a century Sparks have been confounding listeners' expectations with their ever-changing, stylistically broad brand of artfully rendered pop.

TIFF 2017: Le Redoutable

Blinded by love for Godard, LE REDOUTABLE is an uncritically sexist bore. #TIFF17

TIFF 2017: 'Faces Places' (Visages Villages)

#TIFF2017: Agnès Varda's usual cinematic beauty and charm come through in FACES PLACES, with her subjective experience creating a wonderfully delightful film about art.

'I'm Not Here' Is One of the Richest and Gently Disturbing Graphic Novels I've Read in Years

GG's I'M NOT HERE is one of the richest and most gently disturbing graphic novels I've read in years.

Twang to Trombones: Top 20 Picks for AmericanaFest 2017

On the eve of the fest, here's our top 20 picks for Americanafest.