Sziget Festival 2017: 25 Years of Love, Part 2

Budapest’s famed Sziget Festival Official dazzles in our part two coverage, but the challenges of keeping it viable are pressing.

Gogol Bordello: Seekers and Finders

The immigrant punks of Gogol Bordello are back with odes to world wandering and anarchic party spirit on Seekers and Finders.

Chantal Akermans 'Jeanne Dielman' in Many Ways Strikes One As a Vermeer Painting Come to Life

Chantal Akerman’s remarkable film JEANNE DIELMAN 23 shares many qualities with Vermeer’s paintings of domestic interiors in its obsession with frontality and its exquisite concern with the rich textures of Interior space.

Consumption, Performance, and 'The Agony of Eros'

Byung-Chul Han argues that love, sex, and even theory are disappearing in consumer cultures because our systems of finances and behaviors erode the Other in favor of sameness.

THE AGONY OF EROS is out now via The MIT Press.

Monk and Coltrane Return to Vinyl: A Conversation with Producer Nick Phillips

Producer Nick Phillips talks with us about the classic 1957 studio encounters between a mature Thelonious Monk and an up-and-coming John Coltrane are now remastered for high-quality vinyl. #jazz

'Brexit and the British' Examines the Emotional State of a Divided Union

With tempers frayed and friendships tested following the #Brexit referendum, it's easy to lose sight of what it means to be British at all.

BREXIT AND THE BRITISH: WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE? is out now via Haus Publishing.

'Logan Lucky' Is an Oftentimes Funny Mishmash of Absurdism and Realism

Filled with colorful characters and playful plot twists, the hillbilly heist Logan Lucky UK proves that Steven Soderbergh still loves a good con game.

BBQ Thrills London with International Flavors and a Spice Up F...

BBQ is all the rage in hip, young London with amazing new restaurants and parties all over town. Learn how Tabasco is enhancing traditional BBQ cultures adding a jolt to a super thick and delicious Nigerian hamburger, a zing to Jamaican jerk chicken, and a bit of zest to Filipino BBQ chicken. #sponsor

'Narcos' and the Trap of Tropicalism

How the Netflix original series Narcos “otherizes Colombia and the Latin American through its single-story focus.

Ray Wylie Hubbard: Tell the Devil I'm Gettin' There as Fast as I Can

Ray Wylie Hubbard delivers another collection of spare, beautiful songs of grace and damnation. #PMPick

Valerie June and Dan Zanes - Take This Hammer (audio) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Dan Zanes teams up with Valerie June on this brilliant remake of the 1942 Lead Belly single "Take This Hammer".

It's from the new LP LEAD BELLY, BABY! that releases 8/25 via Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

The Accidentals: Odyssey

The Accidentals deftly blend a mélange of musical influences on their sublime major label debut.

ODYSSEY is out tomorrow via Sony Masterworks. #PMPIck

A Nice Guy in Noirland Reaches 'The Breaking Point'

Michael Curtiz's THE BREAKING POINT is the most faithful screen adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.

Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Myth, Truth, and Anger

Daniel Wolff examines how one tragedy in 1913 Calumet Michigan survived through the anger of topical folk music to be told by self-mythologized characters Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan.

GROWN-UP ANGER is out now via HarperCollins.

Sziget Festival 2017: 25 Years of Love, Part 1

The Sziget Festival Official -- possibly the most diverse cultural event in the world -- celebrates a quarter century of love and freedom.

The Way Is the Goal: A Revealing Talk with KMFDM's Sascha Konietzko

KMFDM's Sascha Konietzko talks about his group's career and their new album in this extensive interview.

HELL YEAH is out Friday via earMUSIC.

Nick Mulvey - Mountain to Move live (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: British indie pop artist Nick Mulvey shares a paired down performance video of his hit "Mountain to Move". His new LP Wake Up Now releases 9/8 via Harvest Records.

Steven Wilson: To the Bone

With his new foray into '80s progressive pop, Steven Wilson does something unusual: writes happy songs. TO THE BONE is out Friday via Caroline Records.

'Orphan Black' Closes With a Reaffirmation of the Power of Sisterhood

The way Orphan Black always put women at the center of its story is what will be most remembered and missed.

Ann Powers' 'Good Booty' and the Connection Between Eroticism and Popular Music

Ann Powers' GOOD BOOTY addresses how America’s erotic musical journey is inseparable from other important issues such as race, gender, cultural appropriation, and sexual harassment that goes beyond just getting off in the bedroom to the ultrasmooth sounds of Barry White.

'David Lynch: The Art Life' Pulls the Garmonbozia Directly Out of the Auteur Himself

This insightful documentary on David Lynch brings advanced closure to lingering questions we may have when Twin Peaks: The Return ends its triumphant televisual revival in September.

To Penetrate the Fug of Things: On Trumps Response to Charlottesville

Rationality, in the moral sense, is an act of love because it is an attempt to bring the world closer, not drive it away. Rationality is not an inherent human trait, it is a choice. #Charlottesville

'The Many Lives of Catwoman' Captures the Many Influences of This Multifaceted Superhero

Author and comic book historian Tim Hanley explores the far more than nine lives of DC Comics' #Catwoman in this thoroughly in-depth biography/cultural contextualization.

Out now via Chicago Review Press.

'Stalker' Warns of a World Where Escape Can Lead to New Forms of Imprisonment

Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinema dialogues with the current chaos of rising authoritarian regimes in the West and the threat of nuclear devastation as the United States and North Korea rattle their sabers.

STALKER is out now via The Criterion Collection.

Franz Hessel's ' Reprinted Walking in Berlin' Celebrates the Observant Urban Stroller

Reading WALKING IN BERLIN is the next best thing to traveling back in time to visit the capital of the Weimar Republic as it was in 1929. Out now via The MIT Press.

Grizzly Bear: Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear returns with Painted Ruins, the band's best album to date.

Dancing the Tango Through Mao's Cultural Revolution With Argentinian Pancho and His Orchestra

On Shanghai dance halls of the late '30s and a vinyl tango artifact that survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

The Wordless Protagonist of 'Leaf' Doesn't Save the World -- Just Improves It

The absence of life-or-death consequences in Daishu Ma's debut graphic novel LEAF lowers the stakes while raising the novel’s quiet complexity. Out now via Fantagraphics Books Inc.

Jay-Z: 4:44

Already one of the greatest rappers in history, this is the kind of late-career artistic gem that will cement JAY-Z’s place on rap’s Mount Rushmore.

'The Devil's Bargain': Some Men Just Want to Watch America Burn

Joshua Green’s swift and incisive political war story DEVIL’S BARGAIN tells how Steve Bannon's years-long nationalist insurgent campaign culminated in the election of Donald Trump.

DEVIL’S BARGAIN is out now via Penguin Random House.

'Twin Peaks' and Its Twisted Reflection

The return of Twin Peaks fundamentally reshapes the theme of the entire text, refashioning it into a meditation upon reflection, and the inability to know oneself.

I Wanna Destroy: An Interview with EMA

EMA talks with us about her new album Exile in the Outer Ring that tackles issues like the harmful effects of gentrification and the political divisions rife in our societies.

EXILE IN THE OUTER RING is out Friday via City Slang.

'Annabelle: Creation' Assaults the Senses From All Angles

David F. Sandberg takes a straightforward approach to horror in this atmospheric, immersive, The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle: Creation

'Uncomfortably Happily' Considers the Radical Notion of Expecting Less of One's Self

UNCOMFORTABLY HAPPILY considers the radical notion of expecting less of one's self. Out now via Drawn and Quarterly.

Crowd Pleasing Step Brims With Humanity and Courage

Amanda Lipitz’s debut film STEP is an unrepentant hug in a world more accustomed to gut punches.

The Flipside #4: Lorde's 'Melodrama'

Critics are hailing Lorde's sophomore effort as a pop masterpiece, but does her new album live up to the hype or does its meaning get lost in the 'Melodrama'?

The Yawpers - Reunion (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Denver's The Yawpers impress on their new concept album and offer up a catchy, pop number in "Reunion" to conclude the affair.

BOY IN A WELL releases 8/18 via Bloodshot Records.

Whom to Love and Whom to Hate in War and Film? Interview With 'Land of Mine' Director and Cast

Whom to love and whom to hate in war and film? An #interview with Land of Mine director and cast.

Kesha: Rainbow

Forged out of the most horrific of contexts, Kesha's RAINBOW emerges with such absolute confidence of vision that it instantly goes down as one of the best pop albums of the year.

All the News That Fits: Rolling Stone Celebrates 50 Years

As a teen 30 years ago buying Rolling Stone meant buying the hipness and cool that said you were serious about music and culture.

The Riddle in the Middle of Nowhere: Anja Garbarek's 'Smiling and Waving'

Impossibly Norwegian in style and substance, Anja Garbarek's 'Smiling and Waving' describes the most ordinary lives lost in the voids of the most extraordinary riddles.

Eilen Jewell - Down Hearted Blues (audio) (premiere)

PREMIERE: Americana's Eilen Jewell realizes a life long dream with her new blues album and a kicking title track in "Down Hearted Blues", the Bessie Smith classic. Jewell's new album releases 9/22 via Signature Sounds Recordings.

Is a Feminist Revolution Unfolding on 'Game of Thrones' and 'Twin Peaks'?

Is a feminist revolution unfolding on Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks?

The All Too Prescient Assassin in 'Assassin's Creed: Syndicate'

The world has reached a point where clichéd cartoon depictions of authoritarianism feel like pointed political commentary. When you're living a cliché, those clichés seem less cliché. It’s fucking weird.

Through the Fog of TV Amnesia: Remembering The Briefly Lived 'Coronet Blue'

Coronet Blue seems to be TV's earliest incarnation of the amnesiac hero, and moreover the amnesiac spy.

Performance Artist, Provocateur, Revolutionary: The Wild Life of Jerry Rubin Finally Drawn Together

Not only did Jerry Rubin pioneer the idea of social networking and share his enthusiasm for innovative technology like Apple computers in the early ‘80s, he advocated for socially conscious entrepreneurship, the aspiration of countless GenXers and Millennials.

DID IT! Is out soon via Fantagraphics Books Inc.

Blancmange: Happy Families / Mange Tout / Believe You Me

Blancmange seemed cut out to be the perfect '80s synthpop duo. So why didn't it quite turn out that way? This set of deluxe reissues helps explain.

Randy Newman and the Magic of the Unreliable Narrator

After 45 years, Randy Newman's SAIL AWAY remains one of the most beautiful, difficult, evocative testimonies to lust, desire, and America's collective racist past.

Books Like Chuck Klosterman's 'X' May Represent a New Kind of History Lesson

Books like Chuck Klosterman's X may represent a new kind of history lesson. Out now via Blue Rider Press.

Steve Coleman's Natal Eclipse: Morphogenesis

MacArthur winner and deeply influential #jazz composer and saxophonist Steve Coleman makes one of finest recordings -- and one without a drum kit. MORPHOGENESIS is out now via Pi Recordings.