Billy Stoner: Billy Stoner

Lost outlaw country music classic from Billy Stoner gets a second chance at the long-overdue critical praise it so richly deserves. BILLY STONER is out now via Team Love Records.

War for the Planet of the Apes Evolves Into an Emotional Powerhouse

Perhaps the greatest virtue of director Matt Reeves’ War for the Planet of the Apes is that it captures the madness of war without ever glamorizing the abhorrent carnage,

Roger Waters Takes on the Swine in Oakland

Pink Floyd’s creative genius Roger Waters calls out Donald Trump and the Bay Area loves every minute.

Navigating the Hollywood Monsters of the 'Resident Evil' Videogame Franchise

From crawling to walking to running to the White House: dissecting 20 years of #zombie revolution in the Resident Evil game franchise.

Vince Staples: The Big Fish Theory

Vince Staples' THE BIG FISH THEORY is a powerful and troubling record. It’s decidedly imperfect, mirroring the discomfort at the center of its maker’s mind.

How Perfume Genius Learned to Live in the Moment

After touring his essential fourth album NO SHAPE for a Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) talks to PopMatters about why this project is his most immediate and everything that implies. Matador Records

Steve Earle: So You Want to Be an Outlaw

Steve Earle reaffirms his country outlaw status with the appropriately titled, outlaw country primer So You Want to Be an Outlaw. #PMPIck

Movies Matter in 'Talking Pictures'

Critic Ann Hornaday’s clear-eyed, unpretentious guide to watching cinema is a long overdue call for thoughtful appreciation in our time of media overload. TALKING PICTURES: HOW TO WATCH MOVIES is out now via Basic Books.

As a Way of Being in the World, to Be Cool Is to Be a Fascinating Asshole

Cool seems to be a phenomenon located mainly between the end of Hitler’s war and the beginning of Kurt Cobain’s band.

From Amar Akbar Anthony to Baahubali: Whither Indian Cinemas Secularism?

A retrospective of Manmohan Desai’s Bollywood classic Amar Akbar Anthony, and the films it has influenced, 40 years on.

Crushing Adamantium Claws and Other 'Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1'

The concept of living weapons in the Marvel Universe will make anyone who has ever had to clean up blood stains roll their eyes.

Award-winning Cinematography Enriches François Ozon's 'Frantz'

Impressive camerawork draws viewers close to characters whose lives have been turned upside down by World War I In François Ozon's FRANTZ.

Junot Díaz's Favorite Short Stories: the Future of American Literature Shines Bright

The puncture wounds of a lethal short story are better the blunt force trauma of a novel. 'The Best American Short Stories 2016' is out now via Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

War and the Novel of Integrity in 'The Story of a Brief Marriage'

Anuk Arudpragasam’s debut novel, The Story of a Brief Marriage, is a brief, brutal, and exquisite book set over the course of one day in a man's life in the refugee camps of war-torn northern Sri Lanka. Out now via Flatiron Books

Echoes of History and Nature: A Conversation with Jökull Júlíusson of Kaleo

Jökull Júlíusson, lead singer of Kaleo, speaks with PopMatters on his early influences and how he will never fall into the trap of a single genre.

Beth Ditto: Fake Sugar

Former Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto makes a welcome return with her first solo album of pure pop bliss. Ditto's FAKE SUGAR is out now via Capitol Records.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: The Nashville Sound

The 400 Unit join Jason Isbell on a personal and strong set of songs tuned to modern American life. #PMPick

The Ineluctability of Time in Coppola Drama, 'Rumble Fish'

Francis Ford Coppola's RUMBLE FISH suggests that in our complex relationship to time, we become the cartographies of our own misperceptions. Out now via The Criterion Collection.

Mark Cousins, Director of 'Stockholm My Love', on Art and Compassion

In conversation with PopMatters, director Mark Cousins discusses the communal experience of filmmaking, the threads running through a filmmaker’s career, and an alternative focus for the auteur theory.

Still It Keeps Haunting You: Thom Bell Revisits the Dionne Warwick Sessions

In an exclusive interview with PopMatters, Grammy-winning producer Thom Bell recalls bringing Dionne Warwick to number one and crafting her critically acclaimed "Track of the Cat".

Paradise Lost: A Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald by David S. Brown

In a comprehensive new biography, the life and work of F. Scott Fitzgerald is examined in historical, literary, and sociological perspectives.

How Fragile Relationships and Plans Can Be in Cara Hoffman's Running

Cara Hoffman's RUNNING is a disconcerting, moving, treasure of a novel. #PMPick

Does Mariko Tamaki Think in a Gothic Font?

Mariko Tamaki’s words exist in an in-between state, neither entirely physical nor entirely a free-floating consciousness.

Lorde: Melodrama

On #MELODRAMA, Lorde continues to mine the uncertainties of youth, the tribulations of romance, and an ambivalence toward partying on her revelatory sophomore album. Out now via Republic Records. #PMPick

'OKNOTOK' and the Nostalgic Radiohead

#OKNOTOK can be understood as Radiohead’s laying claim to a proper reissue on its own terms, not those of its former labels. For that, a little nostalgia can be forgiven, if not justified.

I'll Fight for Your Life: An Interview with the Drums

#Interview with The Drums: He seemed to lose a band member with each passing album, and then a big breakup made him rethink things. Jonny Pierce turned all of that into an album some are calling The Drums' best.

Yes, Music Can and Should Elicit Worldwide Progress

Dave Randall's Sound System: The Political Power of Music is ceaselessly fascinating and incredibly well researched, with a narrative voice that’s simultaneously highly educated and humbly inviting. The book is out now from University of Chicago Press.

Life in the Time of Outrage: We've Drawn So Many Lines in the Sand That We've Eroded the Beach

The ad hominem argument, traditionally considered a logical fallacy, has gained a cultural acceptance and a widespread tacit approval that boggles the mind.

Artists Who Benefit from Yoga Techniques—without Doing Yoga

When life pressures you, you've gotta breathe. When life challenges you, you've gotta move. When life gives you some space, step into it and find where you stand. Breathe, move, be mindful -- these are #yoga practices that high-achieving artists, performers, activists and others apply to their daily lives. Learn how you can free yourself -- and fulfill yourself -- a little more each day.

Whatever Happened to American Idealism?

YOUNG RADICALS reminds us that idealism and progressive radicalism are not terms of insult; they are core American values that America needs desperately to rediscover. This book is out now via Penguin Random House.

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I've Got No Beef With Nu-Disco Editing -- It's the Cutting Into Disco's Gayness That Bothers Me

#EDM would benefit from a potent intravenous Appletini injection of gayness.

Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Jug Band Blues

Full of surprises, this lively anthology from World Music Network explores a sometimes under-appreciated genre of early-recorded #blues, highlighting its creative diversity.

Summer Turns to Fall: Revisiting the 'Summer of Love' 50 Years Later

SUMMER OF LOVE simultaneously demonstrates why that moment in the cultural timeline is worth commemorating, what its legacy is, and what was lost as summer turned to fall. Out now from the University of California Press.

'The Book of Henry' Goes From Tearjerker to Just Plain Jerky

The Book of Henry goes from tearjerker to just plain jerky. Find out why in J.r. Kinnard's review.

Does It Take a Superhero to Understand One's Own Mind?

Does it take a superhero to understand one's own mind? Find out in Fiona Maazel's A LITTLE MORE HUMAN out now via Graywolf Press.

Netflix Mystery 'Shimmer Lake' Opens Up a Conversation About the New World of Film

Netflix mystery Shimmer Lake opens up a conversation about the new world of film. Learn more in this #Interview with Adam Saunders, CEO of Footprint Features.

Banda Magda - Coração (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: The global pop stylings of Banda Magda lend themselves to a colorful display on summer single "Coração".

Banda Magda‘s upcoming album TIGRE, scheduled for release on GroundUP Music/Verve Records on 15 September.

Mind Blowing: Leroy Smart in the Heady Days of 1977

In 1977, #reggae burst out of its Caribbean confines and found its way to a record store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. That's the first time I met The Don, Leroy Smart.

Allen Ginsberg: The Artist as Mensch

Allen Ginsberg's uncollected interviews show that he still matters but for different reasons, now. Learn more in FIRST THOUGHT: CONVERSATIONS WITH ALLEN GINSBERG out now.

Ella Fitzgerald's Centennial: Is It Possible to Reinvent This Artist?

Ella Fitzgerald was a seeker, and it's been all too easy to just imitate her: the scatting, the silky melodies. On her 100th, there's a better way to do it. Learn more in Will Layman's latest #Jazz Today column.

'Beyond Trans' Exposes the Absurd Sex and Gender Bureaucracy

Reading BEYOND TRANS is like having the shades thrown open after a long sleep: sunlight burns, but it also awakens. Out now via NYU Press.

'Pussy' Is a Savage Satire in the Form of a Comic Fairytale

In PUSSY out now from Howard Jacobson shows that Donald Trump may not be beyond satire, after all...

It All Began the Day 'Blade' Sliced Through the Silver Screen

How Blade found success out of the rubble of comic book films and Marvel's bankruptcy.

Katy Perry: Witness

Who's going to bear #WITNESS? The listeners, of course, because Katy Perry's new album, unfortunately, proves to be one hell of a burden.

A Warts and All Look at 150 years of Women's Wrestling

SISTERHOOD OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE is a smart warts and all look at 150 years of women's wrestling. Out now from ECW Press.

In 'The Blood is at the Doorstep', a Family Suffers From an Intransigent Criminal Justice System

Erik Ljung's The Blood is at the Doorstep is an auspicious cinematic debut which reminds that for every criminal justice statistic, there's a stirring story which deserves to be deeply considered.

'The Production of Money': How to Break the Bankers and Put Our Broken Economy Back Together

There’s plenty of money floating around in the world, but it’s all in the wrong places. Learn more in Ann Pettifor's THE PRODUCTION OF MONEY out now from Verso Books.

One Nation, Divided by Humor

We may be one nation in America, but today we appear to be living on different planets.

20 Questions: Doctors of Madness' Richard Strange

The Sex Pistols once opened for Doctors Of Madness and they are cited as the missing link between glam and punk. At long last, their music is available again, and frontman/erstwhile Death Eater Richard Strange reflects on it all in our 20 Questions.