Personal Connections and Alien Invaders in Marvel's 'X-men: Gold Annual #1'

Personal Connections and Alien Invaders in Marvel's 'X-men: Gold Annual #1'
#XMen #comics #comicbooks

Was Vivian Maier's Work About Getting a Life or Recoding Life?

Was Vivian Maier's #photography about getting a life or recording life? #PMPick

Joe Satriani's 'What Happens Next' Is His Most Rocking Album

Melodies and shredding galore power Joe Satriani's most rocking release to date

Book: Blood at the Root Hatred Bred in Fear Lives for Generations

Patrick Phillips has written a century-long history of racial violence and suppression in a Georgia county that, at every level, seems to mirror contemporary politics and social unrest in America.

Cartoon Film 'The Punisher' Is Like 'Friends' but with Lowlives and a Homicidal Neighbor

Marvel's 2004 film THE PUNISHER is like the FRIENDS (TV Show) but with lowlives and a homicidal neighbor

Celebrating 40 Years of Rush's 'A Farewell to Kings'

A Farewell to Kings was a turning point in RUSH's career and a 1970s rock essential which still informs our world today.​

Back to Bond Street: An Interview with West End Legend Ray Shell

​Forty years after Ray Shell left New York for London, the original Rusty in Starlight Express finds his way home to the East Village.

'Glory' Is a Searing Indictment of Social Media Optics Fixation

Anchored by an unflinching cinéma vérité style and a powerful lead performance by Margita Gosheva, GLORY (SLAVA) thrives as a grave parable on the social media economy's corrupting influences against ethics and morality.

James Baldwin Matters

There's a reason why Ta-Nehesi Coates is often compared to James Baldwin, and there's a reason why Baldwin's work is so relevant in the age of Black Lives Matter. #MLKDay

Glenn Miller and the End of an Era

The first day the music died: Setting the record straight about the tragic ending of legendary big band leader/trombonist Glenn Miller.

Jazz Today: To Sing or Not to Sing?

"...It's ridiculous if the rule is that, to be a #jazz musician, you can only play from this book of 500 standards and modern jazz tunes and if you play a pop tune you're a crossover sellout," says newcomer Ariel Pocock.

The Working Class Awakens: 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and the Birth of the Multitude

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, politics becomes class politics. More explicitly, The Last Jedi is about working-class resistance.

The Reverend Shawn Amos: "(We've Got To) Come Together" (premiere)

#PREMIERE: The Reverend Shawn Amos shares a timely message of unity on this Martin Luther King Day in the age of Trump and resurgent racism. #MLKDay

Anderson East Proves Why His Voice Belongs on a Jukebox with 'Encore'

Anderson East proves why his voice belongs on a jukebox with ENCORE. #PMPick

PopMatters Seeks Film, TV, and Music Writers

PopMatters Seeks Film, TV, and Music Writers

What's Wrong with Our Food System? Capitalism.

"Women produce most of the world's foods, and yet women and girls make up most of the world's hungry."

Walk a Comfortable Mile in All Kinds of Shoes

If you can't make it to the @BataShoeMuseum, then pick up this oddly thrilling explanation of things we already suspect about footwear. @esemmelhack @UChicagoPress

Hollywood's Trimming of Elaine May's 'A New Leaf'

Director Elaine May belongs to that list of otherwise male creative geniuses who naturally clash with the commercial system, including Erich Von Stroheim, Orson Welles, and Otto Preminger.

The Human Devastation in Auschwitz-Birkenau's Vegetation

Georges Didi-Hubermann's BARK considers the implications of truth in images from this piece of the Holocaust.

'Brad's Status' Explores the Embarrassing Side of Ourselves

Brad's Status starring Ben Stiller explores the embarrassing side of ourselves

The Good, the Positive and the Funny in Scott C.'s Art

No matter his artistic subject matter, Scott C.'s confident cheerfulness is obvious and infectious

They Might Be Giants: I Like Fun (album review)

They Might Be Giants make a classic TMBG record with #ILikeFun. #PMPick

What's Wrong with Our Food System? Capitalism.

What's wrong with our food system? Capitalism.

Presiding over Accidents in Orson Welles's 'Othello '

For Orson Welles, the director is "the man who presides over accidents but doesn't make them" and never were there more accidents over which to preside for Welles than in 'Othello'.

Kyle Craft Is Bringing Gonzo Journalism to Rock and Roll

Glam rocker Kyle Craft talks about Dylan, Bowie, his new album and why Sub Pop Records is more like a family than a business in this wide-ranging new interview.

Jokes and Harsh Truths in DC Comics' 'Batman: White Knight #4'

Jack Napier, aka the Joker, exposes the joke in Batman's methods without cracking a smile in DC Comics' #BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #4.

Prins Thomas: Prins Thomas 5 (album review)

Prins Thomas' PRINS THOMAS 5 is a groovy, fascinating affair that shows how one of the truly innovative voices in #electronicmusic can make a pared-down, fun little groove album without any sort of burdening expectations being foisted upon it.

The Long Shadow of Abortionist Inez Brown Burns

Reproductive rights and big city corruption from many years ago come back to haunt us in 'San Francisco's Queen of Vice: The Strange Career of Abortionist Inez Brown Burns' out now via BISON BOOKS.

On Outing One's Self via Comics

Coming-out narratives have always comprised a core theme for queer comics and they show no sign of abating. Nor should they -- their importance transcends simply narrative qualities. #LGBT

Criterion's 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' Is a Semiotic Feast

'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' Criterion Edition is a must-have for fans of David Lynch and Twin Peaks.

The Lonely Biscuits - "Blue Glass" (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Nashville alternative rock band The Lonely Biscuits creates a memorable, sing-a-long, jangle pop song with their latest single "Blue Glass".

Corrosion of Conformity: No Cross No Crown (album review)

Corrosion Of Conformity's #NoCrossNoCrown harkens back to their golden Deliverance and Wiseblood days, with the added doom-laden lurches of Keenan's last LP with the band. #Metal #heavymetal #PMPick

The 2018 Progressive Rock/Metal Preview

The 2018 #ProgressiveRock/Metal Preview: The next 12 months offer superb new releases from several genre heavyweights.

Gazpacho Riverside Spock's Beard TesseracT Neal Morse The Sea Within Tool

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn: Echo in the Valley (album review)

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn absolutely astound on new LP Echo in the Valley. #PMPick Out now via Rounder Records.

Cary Grant Blu's: 'Operation Petticoat' and 'Father Goose'

Cary Grant's Operation Petticoat and Father Goose: The extras in these Olive Films Blu-rays will give you a new appreciation for these films.

The 100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the '80s: Part 1: 100 - 81

The 100 Greatest Alternative Songs of the '80s

And Now for Something Not So Different: Terry Gilliam's 'Jabberwocky'

Terry Gilliam's JABBERWOCKY takes the enticingly evocative, nearly blank canvas of Lewis Carroll's poem and fills it with a parody of medieval banalities that make the film a grimier, far less amusing companion to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Out now via The Criterion Collection.

Tal National - "Akokas" (audio/video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: ​Niger's Tal National returns with its distinct brand of celebratory rock on "Akokas".

The Classic Shanghai Divas and the Unintended Exoticism of the Taiwanese Bootleg

What does the record collector collect when the desired product is too expensive? Perhaps a bootlegged version shunned by the fussy connoisseur, an untended but degraded gem that ironically coincides with the vibrant decadence of Shanghai's colonial era.

Burnt Friedman: Anthology 1980 - 2017 (album review)

Nonplace Records celebrates pioneering German #electronic artist Burnt Friedman on this career-spanning anthology.

Who Is the Alien in Ursula K. Le Guin's 'No Time to Spare'?

Ursula K Leguin's understanding of aliens, or others of any stripe, is more evolved than ours.

Is ‘Fire and Fury’ Trump’s Harvey Weinstein Moment?

Deft and crude, Michael Wolff's gossipy Trump Administration rip-and-read #FireAndFury tells us what we already know—America is led by a mendacious man-child surrounded by dishonorable lackeys—but in a pungent style that makes it resonate.

Is Journalism's Fear of Bias Worse Than Bias Itself?

Is Journalism's Fear of Bias Worse Than Bias Itself?

No Plan, No Problem: An Interview with Joss Stone

With #ProjectMamaEarth, Joss Stone lets the music guide her through her most natural stylistic detour yet, which she details in this new interview.

A Feminist Adventure Unfolds When ‘Celine and Julie Go Boating’

Laura Mulvey's 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' is in mind when watching Jacques Rivette's arguably feminist film, CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, now on BFI Blu-ray.

In 'Mass Effect' While You Stare into the RPG It Stares Back

Mass Effect reveals itself to have been questioning you. What kind of player are you? What kind of person?

'Vampyr' Is the Best Vampire Movie You’ve Never Seen

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 'Vampyr' Is the best vampire movie you’ve never seen. Out now via The Criterion Collection.

Nietzsche's 'Children' Are in Full Survival Mode in 'Game of Thrones: S7'

Awful things have happened to the Game of Thrones characters, but those that haven't been killed are living proof of Nietzsche's maxim.

More Than Just a Pretty Picture: 'Cats in Art'

Reaktion Books' CATS IN ART reflects societies' general kindness or cruelty toward the feline. Indeed, this is much more than "just" an art book.

It's OK to Feel Uncomfortable: Mike White on Sophomore Film, 'Brad's Status'

Brad's Status starring Ben Stiller explores anxiety and dread and feelings of inadequacy. Isn't that something we all can relate to? #Interview with director Mike White.