Pilot X Puts a Crimp on the Business in 'The Mysterious Airman'

Pilot X puts a crimp on the business in silent film.

The Stories in 'All Stories Are Love Stories' Are a Haunting Tribute to Perseverance

Four characters search for healing and resolution in the wake of a San Francisco earthquake in Elizabeth Percer's ALL STORIES ARE LOVE STORIES.

Walerian Borowczyk Explores the Obsessive Quest in 'Story of Sin'

In Walerian Borowczyk's STORY OF SIN there's a realism articulated through a psychological terror

Los Straitjackets: What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets

Los Straitjackets covering Nick Lowe is just so perfect

*repeat repeat - Plugged In (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Nashville indie rockers *repeat repeat come storming out of the gate with impressive new music after recent signing to Dangerbird Records.

Roots Remain: A Conversation With Bill Kelliher of Mastodon

In this new interview, Mastodon rhythm guitarist Bill Kelliher delves into how loss and life shaped their sixth outing, Emperor of Sand. Warner Bros. Records

St. Lenox - When I Return (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Brilliant indie pop artist St. Lenox has a new visual album on tap. Watch the video for "When I Return".

How the Strokes and Other Indie Bands Reignited Rock 'n' Roll in NYC and Beyond

Author Lizzy Goodman talks with PopMatters about beautiful, accessible, sexy, dirty, pretty punk rock and her new book, Meet Me in the Bathroom, which shows how The Strokes and other indie bands revitalized NYC's rock scene in the early 2000s. Dey Street Books

Do Make Say Think: Stubborn Persistent Illusions

Do Make Say Think (official)'s 'Stubborn Persistent Illusions' is a strong return for a band that crafts unique, expressive, and loose soundscapes. Constellation Records

You're Such a Lovely Audience: 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band'

Celebrating The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band with a little help from their friends; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, and more.

REIN - Democracy (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Swedish #electropunk artist Rein calls into question whether the Western world is really living in actual democracies in her powerful new video.

An Identity Crisis in a Good Way: An Interview with Will Stratton

INTERVIEW: Will Stratton talks about his latest album ROSEWOOD ALMANAC out now via Bella Union, his intricate guitar technique, and the need to write music in tumultuous times.

Bubblemath - 'Edit Peptide' (album stream) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Bubblemath returns after 15 years with sophomore release on Cuneiform Records that combines melodic and mathematical ecstasy.

An Unmerciful Consideration of Anne Lamott's Book on Mercy

The profession of teaching has taught me that Anne Lamott’s view of merciful action is impractical and improper. Riverhead Books

Inside the MC’s Secret Skill: Breath Control

How #hiphop MCs like P Money master their vocals through breath control

The Journey to Paul Gauguins Other World Is Well Worth Taking

Even those familiar with Paul Gauguin’s work will gain fresh perspective of the “savage” artist from this graphic novel. SelfMadeHero

Shake It Up: All the Music Thats Fit to Freak Out About

SHAKE IT UP is a rollicking greatest-hits of music criticism, an awesomely unwieldy pile of opinion. The Library of America

'War Machine' Takes a Satirical Look at the Lost Cause of the Afghanistan War

Unsure of what kind of comedy it wants to be, satirical film War Machine says what few have been willing to say.

Asta Nielsen and Fatma Girik's Hamlets: Old Mysteries, New Problems

Wherein Hamlet is no longer a neurotic male in princely guise but a woman invested with an identity crisis.

Eminem: A Love Story

Who can listen to Eminem's discography today and not be struck by one of popular music’s most prolonged and extraordinary expressions of interminable sadness?

Tess - Love Gun (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: French singer Tess impresses with some #electropop island vibes in her latest video, "Love Gun".

The Como Mamas: Move Upstairs

Brooklyn, New York meets Como, Mississippi in this treasure of auditory bliss from The Como Mamas. LP out now via Daptone Records. #PMPIck

'Generation X #1': A (Familiar) Youth Revival

Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna bring the X-men's young guns back into the mix with a fresh foundation devoid of sterilization or extinction.

Cannes 2017: Border Crossings in 'Jupiter's Moon' and 'Okja'

#Cannes 2017: Looking for fresh ways to raise social awareness, Jupiter's Moon and Okja mix genres to the point of becoming mutants. Festival de Cannes

White Hills: Stop Mute Defeat

WHITE HILLS can't and won't stop smashing the state in smashing fashion. Thrill Jockey Records #PMPick

The Perfectly Suitable, Perfectly Silly Comedy of Harry Hill

Harry Hill pulls funny faces and he does stupid things. But these are things I like in a comedian (as opposed to, say, a US president).

Coldcut x On-U Sound: Outside the Echo Chamber

Coldcut and On-U Sound team with a stellar slate of guests to show just how much they've influenced modern music. Ninja Tune #PMPick

On Norman Mailer, Jack Henry Abbott, and the Legacy of Going Too Deep Into the Belly of the Beast

How Norman Mailer, while preparing 1979's The Executioner's Song, collaborated with Jack Henry Abbott and opened doors that should have remained shut.

'Broad Strokes' Beautifully Illuminates Often Overlooked Women Artists

Art historian Bridgett Quinn is an engaging writer with a knack for choosing the telling anecdote in BROAD STROKES. Chronicle Books

From Garden to Higher Truth: The Legacy of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell

No matter what Soundgarden's Chris Cornell did, there was always the sense that he was doing what he wanted. #ChrisCornell

David Sedaris' 'Theft By Finding', Truth or Elaboration, Matters Not

THEFT BY FINDING is like reading the first few David Sedaris books in miniature, but now we see Sedaris all grown up. Little, Brown and Company

Juliana Hatfield: Pussycat

Juliana Hatfield's 'Pussycat' is her best album and a dark but musically jubilant reaction to the 2016 election. #PMPick

An Androids Dream: How the Robot Traitor Became the Center of 'Alien: Covenant'

Is the android’s connection to humanity one of responsibility or love?
#Alien #AlienCovenant #scifi

T.Raumschmiere: Heimat

T.Raumschmiere is back at Kompakt Records and has created a shape-shifting #ambient #techno album in HEIMAT. #PMPick

Make America Cool Again

Joel Dinerstein's The Origins of Cool in Postwar America is an oddly reassuring handbook for the future of resistance. University of Chicago Press

We Write Our Own Ends: Emergent Endings in Gaming

There's no such thing as a premature ending for a video game. There's only your ending.

The Builders and the Butchers - 'The Spark' (album stream) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: The Builders and the Butchers return with THE SPARK, their new album of consummately crafted #folkrock. Stream in full. Badman Recording Co.

All the World Really Is a Stage in Dominic Dromgooles Hamlet: Globe to Globe

All the world really is a stage in Dominic Dromgoole's HAMLET: GLOBE TO GLOBE - a funny and enlightening testament to ambitious ventures. #Shakespeare Grove Atlantic

Adolescent Awakening: KC and the Sunshine Band's Get Down Tonight

In 1975, an aimless teenager goes to an obscure discothèque in Boston and discovers KC and The Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight" -- just the kind of #funk he's looking for. #disco

Each of the Stories in Murakami's 'Men Without Women' Is a Psychological and Existential Mystery

If Haruki Murakami made films instead of writing books, this is what they might look like

Fans Killed the Magic of Mystery in Hollywood Films

Fans have killed the magic of mystery in Hollywood films

Luther Dickinson - Moanin' at Midnight (audio) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: North Mississippi Allstars' Luther Dickinson co-produced a tribute to Sun Records with a star-studded group of Americana musicians releasing 6/16. Here is his take on the Howlin' Wolf classic, "Moanin' at Midnight".

'iZombie': Some Like It Hot Mess Sets Up Interesting Developments

iZombie's "Some Like It Hot Mess" answers one big question, sets up more, and establishes the direction of the season

Contrary to Popular Belief, the Blues Were Not Born on the Mississippi Delta

Contrary to popular belief, the #blues were not born in the Mississippi Delta.

Pokey LaFarge: Manic Revelations

Pokey LaFarge's MANIC REVELATIONS is a vibrant and often brassy mix that would sound equally at home at a Harlem rent party as a small-town barn dance. #PMPick Rounder Records

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'Riverdale' Gets Good By Embracing Its Campy, Gothic Aesthetic

Riverdale began as a deep-fried Twinkie of a guilty pleasure show and grew into a chocolate bar of a guilty pleasure.

Understanding the Archaeology of the Archive in 'Archive Everything'

Through participatory Web 2.0 culture, archives have moved from preserved, cherished documents to the structure of everyday life. The MIT Press

Paul Weller: A Kind Revolution

Paul Weller still makes vibrant, essential music. A Kind of Revolution is among his most impassioned and focused. #PMPick Warner Bros. Records

Tenelle - Set Me Free (video) (premiere)

#PREMIERE: Soul/reggae singer Tenelle drapes her music in the warm Pacific Island climes on her latest video "Set Me Free". Island Records